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Rong Yi Plastic Packaging Co.,ltd founded in 1990, is located in Anbu Town,known as China's First Food & Packaging Town". Our company has kept adhering to Customer Foremost, Service First" since its inception. Through the scientific management, we are absorbed in grasping the internal marketing & operating but also the external product quality &management. With the development of the business,we founded the RONGYI INT'L TRADING(HK)CO.,LIMITED in April 2014 in Hong Kong and GUANGZHOU GENUINE IMPORT EXPORT CO.,LTD. Our company owns the powerful production equipment,including High-speed Gravure Printing Machine, Bag Making Machine, Computer Slitting Machine &Film Blowing...

Categories and Products

Plastic Products

Disposable Plastic Flatware Cutlery Plastic Spoon Environmental plastic cake knife and fork High quality disposable plastic ice-cream cup 

Printing Packing

Three Sides Sealing Bags

Aluminum Foil Plastic Packing Bag with Hanging Hole Aluminum Zipper Package Bags with Clear Window Red Jujube Plastic Packing Ziplock Pouch Custom Printed Plastic Ziplock Food Package Pouches Back Sealing Snack Packaging Bags with Hanging Hole Hot Sale Three Side Plastic Bag Three Side Sealing Ziplock Candy Bag Resealable Colorful Printing 3-side Sealing bag Three Side Sealing Snack Bag with Zipper Printing Mushroom Three Side Sealing Bag Printing Dried Dates Three Side Sealing Bag Customized Dried Fruit Zipper Bag Three Side Zip-lock Bag for Dired Food Custom Print Pouch with Mid-zipper for Flower Tea Dired Food Packing Bag with Clear Window 

Four Sides Sealing Bag

Walnuts Four Sides Sealing Gusset Pouches Four Sides Milk Powder Organ Plastic Packaging Bag plastic stand-up flat bottom zipper bag Standard Flexible Heat Sealing Stand-up Resealable Bag 

Eight Sides Sealing Bag

Eight sides sealing Flat Bottom Food Paper Bag Printing Flat Bottom Pouch With Zipper Square Bottom Gusseted Bags with E-zip 500g Resealable Flat Bottom Coffee Bag 250g Flat Bottom Bag for Coffee Packaging Accept Customized Brown Paper Coffee Bag Kraft Paper Square Bottom Coffee bag with valve aluminium stand up side gusset tea bag Wholesale aluminum foil plastic bags for coffee reusable laminated kraft paper coffee packaging bag custom print individual brown paper tea pouch brown plain craft paper zipper candy bag Flat Bottom E-zip Kraft Stand up Coffee Bag retail stand up reusable laminated coffee bag Aluminum foil zipper coffee bean pouch matt PET zipper stand-up snack food bag Stand-up Paper Bag with Zipper and Handle Aluminum Foil Food Stand Up Plastic Zipper Bag Customized Aluminum Foil Packing Bag for Snack flat bottom side gusset Kraft paper Coffee Bag 

Back (Mid) Sealing Bag

Three Sides PE/AL/PET Back Sealed Bags Aluminum Foil Mid Sealing Snack Food Packing Bag Eight Sides Sealing Flat Bottom Plastic Packing Bag Wholesale Kraft Paper Aluminum Bag for Food Packaging High Quality Aluminium Foil Back Sealing Bag Customized Flexible Stand-up Gusset Aluminum Foil Powder Bag Colourful Mid Sealing Coffee Bag with Valve Custom Print Coffee Beans Bag Packing with Valve 

Organ Bag

Four Side Sealing Valve Gusset Coffee Pouches Custom Printed General Coffee Gusset Packaging Bag Japan Instant Noodle Plastic Packaging Pouch Black Gusset Coffee Packing Pouches with Valve Side Gusset Dealuminization Bag Organ Bag High Quality Quad-Seal Gusseted Bags Multiple size side sealing Organ Coffee bag 

Shaped Pouch

High Quality Colorful Fruit Shaped Packaging Pouch Custom Design Flexible Shaped Pouch for Liquid Free Shape Packaging Pouch for Fruit Juice Disposable Food Grade Plastic Shape Pouch High Quality with plastic Face Mask Bag Printing Plastic Shaped Pouch for Candy Flexible Custom Design shape pouch with Side Zipper 

Spout Bag

Laundry Detergent Stand up Spout Pouch for Liquid Standing Reusable Food Spout Pouch for Liquid Stand Up Spout Pouch wih Handle Stand up Spout Pouch for Liquid Soap Stand Up Spout Pouch for Washing Liquid Custom Printing Clear Juice Sealed Translucent Bag Customized Stand-up Drink Transparent Bag with Zipper 

Pe Ziplock Bag

Custom Printing PE Heat Shrink Flim Bags PE BOPP Transparent Pouches with Header Customized Rea Stand Up Bag for Candy Bottom Gusset Packing Bag for Dried Food 

Automatic Roll Film

Automatic Roll Film for Food Packaging 

Candy Printing Label

Candy Wrap PVC/PET Shrink label Hot Sale Frozen Candy PET Shrink Labels/Sleeves Cookie Packaging PVC/PET Heat Shrink Label 

Bread & Cake Bag

Kraft Bread Packing Paper Bags with Clear Window Custom Printed Kraft Paper Baguette Bakery Bread Bags Bakery Paper Packing Bag with Transparent Window Custom Printed Kraft Paper Bakery Packaging Bags Custom Kraft Paper Bread Packaging Paper Bags Recycled Bread Packaging Paper Bags French Baguette Bread Plastic Packaging Bag Bread Packaging Paper Bag with Clear Window Fast Food Grade Bread Paper Bag Customized Plastic Bread Bag Paper Bread Bag Cake Decorating Tool Bag Plastic Ice-cream Bag Flat Bottom Bread Paper Bag with Window Baking Paper Bag with Clear Window Stand up Kraft paper bag for bread packing French Baguette bakery bag Custom size kraft paper bag for bread packing Bakery bread roll bagels packing bags Brownies Cupcake Cookies packing bag Plastic PVC Cake Packing Boxes kraft paper clear window packing bag with zipper 

Paper and Plastic Syntactic Bag

Brown Kraft Paper Composite Bag

White Kraft Paper Gusset Food Packaging Bags Eight Sides kraft Paper Aluminated Zipper bag Flat Bottom Kraft Paper Pouch with window Window Kraft Paper Flat Bottom Pouch Brown Kraft Paper Flat Bottom Pouch Customized Standing Flat Bottom Pouch Customized Kraft Paper Stand up Pouch Paper Standing up Pouch with Window Kraft Paper Ziplock Standing up pouch Hot Sale Printed Stand up Zipper Pouch Kraft Paper Stand up Pouch with Window Custom Eight Sides Seal Kraft Bag With Window Kraft Paper Bag With Tin Tie Colourful Kraft Paper Zipper Bag for Food 

White Kraft Paper Composite Bag

White Kraft Paper Stand up Packaging Pouch Jujube White Stand up Kraft Paper Pouch White Krafte Paper Laminatd Retail Ice-cream Snack Bag Customizable Paper Popcorn Bag with Reclosable Tin Tie 

Printing Label

Pvc/Pet Label

Olive Vegetable Transparent Heat Shrink Label PVC Heat Shrink Custom Plastic Sleeve Labels PET/PVC Plastic Bottle Heat Shrink Sleeve Label PET Heat Shrink Label /PET Shrink Sleeve 

Adhesive Label

Self-adhesive Printed Sticker for Automatic Label Machine 

Anti-fake Label

Custom Anti-fake Hologram Sticker Label Anti-fake 3d Security Hologram Label Lithography Anti-fake Laser Label Printing Lithography Anti-counterfeit Hologram Sticker Printed Top Quality Anti-fake Label Hologram Sticker for Packing Professional Custom Anti-fake 3d Hologram Sticker Laser security hologram label anti-fake holographic sticker 3D Security Custom Hologram Stickers 3D Security Custom Hologram Stickers for Packaging Custom Adhesive Sticker Thermal Transfer labels Anti-counterfeiting Scratch off Label Sticker Customized Tamper Evident Void Hologram Sticker Security Proof Warranty Anti-fake Barcode Labels Custom Paper VOID Warranty Seal Sticker Printing Label Custom Logo Laser 3D Gold Anti-fake Hologram Label Custom Laser 3D Gold Security Hologram Label High Grade Customized Hologram Sticker Waterproof Transparent Laser Label Anti-fake Sticker Custom Printing Encryption Anti-fake Label Custom Anti-counterfeiting Hologram Sticker 

Custom Finished Products display

Cereal Stand up Food Zipper Packaging Pouches Popcorn Food Plastic Packaging Bag with Clear Window Pet Food Plastic Packing Bag without Zipper Double Aluminum Foil Vacuum Packaging Pouch Custom Printing Peach Gum Packaging Bag with Zipper Custom Printed Packing Coffee Roll Film Laminated Plastic Film rolls Aluminium Foil Packaging Coffee Roll Film Plastic Three Side Sealing Bag for Candy Plastic Three side sealing Candy bag Customized Stand Up Pouch with zipper Customized Printing 3-Side Sealing Bag with Zipper 3 Side Sealing Milky PE Candy Bag 

Shrinking Film

PVC Shrinking Film

PVC Colored Heat Shrink Sleeve Film 

POF Shrinking Film

Polyolefin /POF Shrink Film for Packaging 

PE Shrinking Film

PE Heat Shrink Transparent Stretch Film High Quality PE Clear Heat Shrink Plastic Film 

General Bags in Stock

Eight Sides Sealing Bag

Resealable Brown Kraft Paper Zipper Packaging Bag Ziplock Flat Bottom Pouch for Nuts Food Packaging Flat Bottom Pouch for Walnut Plastic Eight Side Sealing Bag with Zipper 250g flat bottom kraft paper bag with middle zipper 

Eight Sides Mid Sealing Bag

Eight Sides Sealing Composite Plastic Packaging Pouch Eight Sides Sealing Paper Gift Package Bag Eight Sides Composite Plastic Ziplock Packing Bag Aluminium Foil Zipper Bag for Food Package Walnuts Plastic Composite Food Packing Bag Stand up Gusset Ziplock Plastic Packing Pouch 

Side Sealing Packing Bag

Custom Printed Aluminum Foil Coffee Packing Bag Custom Printed Resealable Aluminum Foil Packaging Bags Wholesale Custom Printed General Plastic Packing Bags Stand-up Red Silk Packing Bag with zipper Wholesale Gold Silk Zipper Packing Bag with Window 

Three Sides Sealed Bag without Zipper

Custom Printed Translucent Packaging Bags Food Plastic Packaging/Seafood Package Bags Custom Printed Packing Bags for Dried Fruit Three Side Nylon PE Composite Food Packaging Bag Mid Sealing Composite Plastic Packing Bags PET Composite Squid Food Packaging Bag Scallops Food Packaging Bag Barbarum Plastic Packaging Pouch with Visual Window Color Printing Three-side Sealed Bag Three Side Sealing Bag for Seafood Three Side Sealing Bag for Dried Food Customized Printing Plastic Bag Customized Printed Three Side Sealing Bag High airtightness custom design 3-side sealing plastic bag Customized Printed Frozen Seafood Packaging Bag Free Design Cashew Nuts Packaging Bag 

Three Sides Mid-sealed Bag

Brown Kraft Paper Composite Packaging Zipper Pouches Custom Printed Zipper Plastic Nuts Packing Bags Food Zipper Aluminated Composite Packaging for Nuts Stand Up Plastic Zipper Pouches Mushroom transparent Food Pack Bag Custom Aluminum Foil Composite Food Packing Pouch Seafood Aluminum Foil Plastic Packaging Bag Plastic Printing Dry fruit Bag with Zipper Customized Plastic Walnut Printing Bag with Zipper Zip Lock Food Plastic Bag with Euro Hole Food Packaging Printing Aluminum Foil Bag Low Price Custom Food Grade Packaging Seasoning Bags Color Printed Plastic Snack Food Packaging Bag Eco-friendly Matte Black Aluminum Foil Food Bag Best Quality Food Packaging Cheap Snack Bags Promotional Logo Printed Food Packaging Plastic Bags Custom Printing Biodegradable Plastic Bag with Window 

Moon Cake Plastic Packing Bag

Customized Moon Cake Transparent Packaging Bags Custom Mooncake Cutlery Packaging Whosale Transparent Mooncake Box plastic PVC sushi cake cookies packing box BOPS plastic environmental cupcake sushi packing box 

Stand Up Zipper Bags

Hot Sale Kraft Paper Stand up Packaging Pouches Stand up Kraft Paper Food Packaging Bag Dried Fruit Standup Plastic packing Bag with Ziplock Reclosable Zipper Kraft Paper Packaging Bags White Kraft Paper Aluminum Composite Pouches White Kraft Paper Dried Fruit Zipper Pouch Stand Up Zipper Plastic Food Packaging Pouches Factory Price Colorful Plastic Packaging Bags Stand up Ziplock Dried Nuts Packaging Bags/Pouches Dried Fruit Packaging Bags with Visual Window Wholesale Food Packaging Bag for Leisure Food Stand up Plastic Pack Bags for Dried Fruit Custom Stand up Aluminum Plastic Packaging Bags Aluminum Foil Stand up Composite Packaging Bag Resealable Plastic Food Packaging Bag with Zipper Customized White Kraft Paper Food Bag Brown Kraft Paper Stand up Zip Pouch Jujube Zipper Stand up Plastic Packing Pouch White Craft Paper Stand up Zipper Pouches Single Aluminum Foil Packing Pouch 

Blister Box/Pad

Clear Plastic Mooncake storage box Clear Design Plastic moon cake Packaging Boxes PVC Clear Transparent Plastic Mooncake Boxes Disposable White Birthday Cake Paper Tray PVC Box Transparent Plastic Blister Packaging Box Plastic Blister Packing Plastic Packaging Box Wholesale Food Grade Plastic Blister Box Round Moon Cake Plastic Transparen Blister Box Custom shape Plastic Blister Box for Cake Rectangle Plastic Cake Packaging Box Disaposable Moon Cake Packaging Box Custom Shape Plastic Food Packaging Box Wholesale Clear Plastic Box Different Sizes Plastic Box New design Small Clear Plastic Cake Box Printed New Plastic Transparent Clear Cake Box PVC/PP/PET Packaging Clear Plastic Box Disposable Transparent Plastic Box Clamshell Packaging Hot Sale Disposable Clear Plastic Cake Box Food grade paper cardboard Box for cake Hot Sale Custom Plastic Cheese Box 

Printing Paper Box

2016 New Design Printing Paper Cake Box Paper Cake Box Wedding Cake Paper Boxes Printed Recycled Paper Cake Box for Birthday DIY Paper Cake Box Transparent Box Party Paper Cake Box with Handle Cardboard Box Customized Cupcake Box Wholesale Muffin Box Decorative Cake Boxes Paper Snack Box Customized Logo Printed Paper Snack Box Cookies Box Packaging Design Paper Cupcake Box New Design Unique Clear Cupcake Box Custom Plastic Cupcake Box with Paper Insert Customized Printing Cupcake Paper Box With Handle Top Grade Paper Snack Cake Box with Handle Custom Print Paper Gift Packaging Box 

Greaseproof Paper

High Quality Grease Proof Paper Kraft Paper 

Application Function Package

Vaccum Bag

Custom Vacuum Food Packaging Bag Plastic Three Side Heat Sealing Bag of Vacuum 

Freezer Bag

Printed Plastic Frozen Food Packaging Bag 

Boiled Bag/Cooking Bag

High temperature retortable pouch for food High temperature retort pouch plastic packaging bag Plastic Packaging High Temperature Food Retort Pouch Barrier High Temperature Retort Pouch 

Packaging Application

Coffee Bag

Brown Aluminum Coffee Zipper Packaging Bag Custom Printed Brown Kraft Paper Bag for Food Drip Coffee Packaging Pouch Brown Ziplock Coffee Packaging Pouches Flat bottom Ziplock Bag Aluminium Foil Bag Resealable Plastic Coffee Packaging Bag Gold Aluminum Foil Packaging Bag for Coffee Custom Printed Kraft Paper Coffee Package Pouch New technology color printing for retailer Custom Brown Kraft Paper Bag 250g Flat Bottom Kraft Paper Coffee Bag 250g Flat Bottom Coffee Bag with Value The little coffee bag mockup packaging Aluminum Foil Paper Coffee bag with valve Coffee Pouch With Zipper and Valve eight sizes sealing vacuum bag 250g/500g plastic flat bottom zipper coffee bag eight sides sealing coffee bag with valve Half Pound Square Bottom Zipper Food Bag Paper Bag for Coffee Beans Packaging 

Microwave Popcorn Bag

Accept Customized Printed Paper Popcorn Bag Printing Microwave Popcorn Packaging Bag New Design Microwave Popcorn Bag Printing Paper Micromave Popcorn Bag Printing Customized Paper Popcorn Bag 

Printing Packaging Box

Food Packaging Box

Customized Printing Food Packaging Paper Box BOPS plastic mooncake cupcake food packaging box pvc custom environmental small cake box 

Gift Packaging Box

Customized Kraft Paper Gift Packaging Box 

PVC Rigid Sheet Roll

Advanced Technology PVC Rigid Sheet for Injection Packing 

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